Abstract and poster information

Abstract submission is approximately one page, limit of 300 words. Abstract submission will be via the registration website, and is submitted as plain text without figures. The registration website will be available for submission of abstracts from July 11th.

Attendees are required to present either a poster or a talk if attending.


Presenting at KOALA 2022 offers attendees a fantastic way to practice making academic posters and student talks, gain skills in public speaking, and learn how to answer audience questions in a friendly environment. The topic area of 'optics, atoms and laser applications' is intentionally very broad, so if you think your research fits in any way, we encourage you to apply! Further information is available on the conference 'Themes and Talks' tab.

Talks are 12-minutes plus 3 minutes Q&A. Prizes will be awarded to the best presentation.


Poster presentations involve attendees to present an academic poster on their current research at the poster session. Posters are one A0 page and are presented on a dedicated poster night during the conference.

Attendees presenting a poster are expected to be at their poster during their poster session so that they can answer questions from other attendees. Prior to the poster session, there will be a poster preview session where presenters will give a 60-second preview of their poster with the aim to encourage other attendees to view their poster to get more information.

Prizes will be awarded to the best poster and presentation.