Photography Competition

Entries are open for our 2022 photography competition! Cash prizes will be awarded for judges' choice and peoples' choice, so come along and vote for your favourite photos!

Previous examples of entries are shown below!

Terms of entry:

  • Entries must be submitted to our email: no later than 5pm ACDT, 29 November 2022

  • Entry must contain a short description of the science behind your photo (50 words max) and a title for your photo

  • Minimum file size: 2000px on the longest edge and 200 dpi

  • Files must be PNG or JPG/JPEG

  • Upon entry, you agree that you maintain ownership of your photograph/digital piece, but give permission to the UofA Optica Student Chapter, the Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing, and the University of Adelaide to use your image with no obligation to you

Virtual rainbow

The light reflected at the convex surface of the umbrella rod bends proportional to the rod's radius of curvature. This causes the triangular umbrella pieces to appear like rainbow bands. These reflections produce images seemingly "behind" the metal surface and as such are called virtual images.

Fossil Leaf UV

Fossil plants from the rocks of Tasmania give us a glimpse of the ancient rainforests that thrived near the south pole of the supercontinent Gondwana, 50 million years ago. The organic material of this long-extinct species fluoresces under UV light, revealing anatomical details hidden from the naked eye.

Inquisitive Joey

Wallabies begin life as a helpless, undeveloped jellybean. After emerging, they crawl into their mother’s pouch to get around 8 months’ worth of unlimited free food and transport before they are forever evicted from their home.