The University of Adelaide

Campus and Location

The University of Adelaide, North Terrace is a historic campus is situated right in the centre of Adelaide. Established in 1874, our campus is a mix of modern architecture and 1900's flare, with plenty of green spaces to explore. It is a short walk from campus to Rundle Mall, the centre of the city.

Optics research at UoA

The University of Adelaide has many laser and optics based groups, including the Institute of Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS), the Laboratory for Femtosecond Spectroscopy and the local OzGrav branch. Research topics include:

  • Gravitational wave research

  • Quantum materials and diode manufacturing

  • Cryogenic clocks

  • Stand-off explosive detection

  • Quantum memory

  • Quantum magnetometry

  • Airborne measurement of methane emissions

  • Environmental Luminescence

  • Advanced Mineral Sensing

  • Off-earth Resource Sensing

  • Remote wind sensing using coherent Doppler lidar

The Braggs building, home of IPAS